Assigned: 3.22.12 Due Date: 4.10.12

What is a diorama?
A diorama is "a scenic representation in which lifelike sculptured figures and surrounding details are realistically set against a painted background."

A diorama would be a great way to create your very own ecosystem!

Look at the following picture of an empty diorama:
How can you use this empty diorama as a starting point for your ecosystem diorama? What could you fill this with to create your own rainforest, desert, or other ecosystem? How would you make it look like a real ecosystem?

Use the following template to create your ecosystem blueprint. Create your ecosystem as a drawing before you create it in a three dimensional product. Use the biome that you previous chose the options are: freshwater, marine (lake, rivers, ponds, wetlands), desert, polar desert, forest, grassland, tundra, rainforest, taiga, savanna, and shrubland

Here is an example of a completed diorama. BE CREATIVE! Use items that are already around! You do not need to buy items, make them. YOU CHOOSE WHAT GOES IN YOUR DIORAMA!

Mrs. Schriner's Ecosystem Blueprint